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Masada Wiki is a companion to the Masada World site. It is designed to be a place where people can post covers, scores, facts, or other miscellany about the tunes in the Masada books. John Zorn said famously that he wrote the Masada books to create a "new Jewish music." Masada World and this wiki are intended as tools to help share this music with one another. This site is for YOU.



The Rules

  • Do not post any of the Tzadik recordings. Leave all potential lawsuits for sharing copyrighted material to the giants of YouTube and Facebook.
  • If a tune is embedded in a long performance, post a link that starts at the beginning of that particular tune. If the entire performance (or most if it) is composed of Masada tunes, also post the link to whole performance in Notable Concerts.
  • Performances tend to be live events. Covers tend to be professional studio recordings.
  • Please use the the following convention to your performance links wherever possible:
    • Performer, (Event or Venue, if significant), City, (Country, if ambiguous), Date (dd month yyyy)
  • Please keep lists in chronological order wherever possible.


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  • If any of you code geeks can help make this cool, let me know.