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The Book of Beri'ah #11
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Official Releases[edit]

Keter: The Book Ber'iah, Volume 1
Da'at: The Book Ber'iah, Volume 11




  • Hebrew: רחמים - "mercy" "compassion"


Lyrics by Sofia Rei

En una estación se encontraron dos:
la palabra y su valor
No era lo más sabio y al parecer, se enredaron sin razón

Una y otra vez quisieron perderse y todas las caras de dios
Se enfrentaron en la habitación

Una volcó el corazón cegada por un fuerte instinto
Y otra equivocó todo su amor

El más sabioy el más fuerte
se encontraron de repente sin saber que hacer


In one station two were found:
the word and its value
It was not the wisest and apparently, they got tangled up for no reason

Again and again they wanted to get lost and all the faces of God
They faced each other in the room

One overturned the heart blinded by a strong instinct
And another misguided all his love

The wisest and the strongest
they found themselves suddenly without knowing what to do